Pool Liner Coming Off: What To Do?

Both aesthetic and practical, your pool liner must always be in good condition. But what to do if the liner comes off? Focus on the reasons for this phenomenon, and the appropriate solutions.

Why is the liner peeling off the walls of the pool?

In the bottom of the basin, in the corners, or quite simply on the walls, the liner sometimes comes off the basin’s walls. Several problems can be at the origin of this phenomenon:

  • Water has infiltrated between the walls of the basin and the liner. This infiltration can be due to several things: a water level that is regularly too high, a leak or a hole in the liner, etc.
  • As the pool liner ages, it stiffens. And when the pool liner is no longer as flexible, it peels off and detaches from the pool’s walls.

What if the pool liner comes off?

First and foremost, it is important to find the source of the problem. This will allow you to better repair your pool liner. When the problem has been identified, several possibilities are available to you:

  • If water has infiltrated between the walls and the liner of the swimming pool, the first solution consists of sucking this water. To do this, it is recommended to call a swimming pool professional.
  • Infiltration may be due to a lack of tightness between the liner and the pool copings. In this case, we recommend siliconizing (in other words, to place a gasket) between the liner and the copings (or to replace a worn gasket).
  • If there is a leak in the liner, you can either repair it with a liner repair kit or replace it.
  • A liner has an average lifespan of 10 years. It is therefore recommended to change it every 10 years. To do this, we recommend calling in a professional (especially for in-ground pools).

In any case, we recommend calling in a pool specialist. Because of the detachment of the liner is due to greater damage, he will be able to identify them. On the other hand, he is the most qualified person to repair your pool liner.…